Take a Peek Inside

It’s a grey, rainy day here in Istanbul, the first one we’ve had during a weekday all summer (well that I can remember anyway). Here’s how the weather’s looking now:


And here’s how it was looking earlier today:


Because of the extremely heavy rain in the morning my husband couldn’t leave for work on time (a downside of motorbikes), so whilst waiting for the rain to subside a little we had a yummy breakfast whilst watching the rain:


We had menemen (stewed tomatoes, green peppers, onion and garlic – you may know the version which is served with an egg scrambled through it) (I make my menemen it in big batches and jar it – I’ll do a post on that soon), a mixture of chestnut & oyster mushrooms with spinach, basil and tomatoes, hot potato chips, cucumber & tomatoes, parsley & rocket, black olives, peach jam (made by my husband’s teyze (aunty) & so so delicious), raspberry jam and pekmez (which is a molasses-type syrup made from fruit – thanks Wikipedia!), served of course with bread and Turkish black tea.


Now rainy weather for me means sitting on the lounge and watching old movies, but for some reason this morning I felt like not being so lazy. That said, as soon as I’ve posted this, I’m totally going to lay on the lounge and watch Dexter.


So I used my morning to clean out my kitchen food cupboards. It’s not that my cupboards were really messy, but I probably have OCD everything was in plastic packets and I really don’t want a maggot infestation, so I put everything into containers and here’s the result:

Inside you’ll find the staples of a Turkish cupboard: pirinc (rice), pilavlik bulgur (large grain bulgur), koftelik bulgur (small grain bulgur), tel sehriye (small vermicelli noodles), bugday (wheat), kuru fasulye (small white beans), yesil mercimek (green lentils), kirimizi mercimek (red lentils) and nohut (chickpeas) amongst the rest of it.


In cupboard number 2 we have lots of tea and coffee along with assorted kuruyemis which is nuts and dried fruits and must always be on hand in any good Turkish home in the event that unexpected guests pop over.


Well this post was meant to just be a peek inside my cupboards, but I think it turned out to be more a peek inside my morning.


If you want to peek some more, I will next week be posting a photographic journal of all the meals I’ve eaten during this week. Sounds fascinating right?!… Uh huh.


About theveganfoodophile

Well the title of my blog pretty much gives me away. I'm an Australian girl currently based in Turkey who loves food and animals, just not when the two are combined. This blog is about my vegan culinary adventures and attempts. I'm not claiming to be a good cook or to have super taste buds, I just simply enjoy food: eating it, looking at it, taking (average) photos of it, reading about it and now hopefully writing about it. Some people have hobbies, I have food.
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